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Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash


Label: Decca. Made in England.
Year: 1968
Disc diam: 7 inch, 45 rpm, Vinyl, single.

Disc Condition
Scratches: A very ligh scuff/scratch at start of "Jumpin' Jack Flash". See listening report.
Scuffs: A very small extremely light surface scuff.
Vinyl Appearance. Shiny.
Cue Scuffing: None.
Warping: None.
Spindle Hole: Very light wear.
Labels: Clean with about 12 short light spindle marks on each label.

Subjective Listening Report ("Jumpin' Jack Flash" only)
Audible Scratches or Scuffs on My System: None, or too light or brief to notice.
Mis-tracks: None.
Dust / Surface Noise: Very light.
Subjective Fidelity: Very good+.

Cover type and condition
Generic plain.

  • Catalogue # F.12782
  • Shipping Weight: 75 grams